IPS e.max ®

IPS e.max® is a Lithium disilicate glass ceramic having opalescence and translucency to replicate natural tooth structure. With an average flexural strength of 470 MPa,  it’s ideal for veneers, in-lays, on-lays, and full crown restorations desiring lifelike esthetics. Prescribing IPS e.max® with our team of elite lab techs and ceramists, you can be confident of life changing and esthetically pleasing restorations for your most demanding cosmetic cases.


We offer 4 different zirconia materials to fit any application and any budget. We can answer any of your questions from start to finish to deliver that life-changing smile makeover Digital smile design communication, diagnostic wax-ups, and provisionals available We specialize in making any material a piece of beauty including: solid zirconia, layered zirconia, or IPS. E.max