IPS e.max ®

IPS e.max® is a Lithium disilicate glass ceramic having opalescence and translucency to replicate natural tooth structure. With an average flexural strength of 470 MPa,  it’s ideal for veneers, in-lays, on-lays, and full crown restorations desiring lifelike esthetics. Prescribing IPS e.max® with our team of elite lab techs and ceramists, you can be confident of life changing and esthetically pleasing restorations for your most demanding cosmetic cases.


We offer 4 different zirconia materials to fit any application and any budget. We can answer any of your questions from start to finish to deliver that life-changing smile makeover Digital smile design communication, diagnostic wax-ups, and provisionals available We specialize in making any material a piece of beauty including: solid zirconia, layered zirconia, or IPS. E.max

PFM and Full Cast

Porcelain-fused-to-metal restorations still have applications even though most are being replaced with modern dental zirconia. With a long track record of durability and good esthetics, you can trust Artistic Dental Lab, Inc. to produce consistently beautiful PFM’s and Full Cast restorations when clinical or lab situations require their use.

Digital Impressions / IOS

Digital impressions are dental scans that are taken by a high-tech 3D scanner. They are quickly becoming more popular due to enhanced accuracy, an eased workflow for dental technicians and dentists, and a minimally invasive procedure to secure patient impressions. With digital impressions, dental staff can easily show patients problem areas and provide detailed explanations about their treatment options. If you own a dental practice, consider Artistic Dental Lab's high-tech digital impressions. You'll certainly make an excellent impression on your patients!