When you prescribe Inclusive® Implant Abutments, a natural looking emergence is precisely milled using CAD/CAM technology to optimize soft tissue contours, gingival health, and crown esthetics.

  • Available in Titanium, Zirconia with a  Titanium insert, and All Zirconia in the most popular implant systems
  • Affordable abutment options


The BellaTek™ Encode Impression System allows the clinician to restore implants without the use of impression copings. You simply make a
one-step supragingival impression of the BellaTek™ Encode Healing Abutment, submit it to the lab, and we’ll send you a patient specific
abutment and crown ready for cementation.

  • One impression
  • No impression copings

In Lab Working Time

Preparation Requirements
Use manufacturer’s tooling to remove healing cap. For multiple units, start in the posterior and work toward anterior. Then, use manufacturer’s tooling to place transfer coping. Ensure components are fully engaged before tightening screw. Take an x-ray to verify proper seating of components. Next, ensure transfer coping does not hit tray. Use heavy body PVS impression material. Record impression. Finally, when impression tray is removed, transfer coping stays in mouth. Remove transfer coping and replace healing cap. For multiple units, start in anterior and work toward posterior. Check fit of impression coping into impression. Send to lab.

See “DOWNLOADS” for downloadable instructions.

Seat abutment. Torque abutment per manufacturer’s recommendations. Next, use composite to fill over the implant screw. Cement restoration over implant with a resin reinforced ionomer.
Resin reinforced glass ionomer cement (RelyX Luting Cement, 3M ESPE; GC Fuji Plus, GC America)

ADA Codes
D6057 Implant Abutments

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