PFM & Full Cast

If you're looking for reliability, then look no further than Artistic's PFM and full cast restorations. Since 1970, we've provided consistent and ideal fit, contacts, occlusion, and esthetics. We continue to keep up with the latest technology and incorporate CAD/CAM design and fabrication for consistency and accuracy. Captek® is a great choice if you're comfortable with PFM but want something biocompatible, corosion resistant, and that creates less bacterial accumulation.

Although much of our PFM, Captek®, and full cast indications are being replaced by BruxZir®, Zeternity® PFZ, and e.max® all ceramics, PFM and full cast will always have their place.

Send us your impression or pre-operative model and we’ll make you ArtisTEMPS® provisionals with ideal shape and function in only 5 days. After preparation, simply reline and cement the ArtisTEMPS®.

In Lab Working Time
PFM, full cast= 7 days
ArtisTEMPS, Diagnostic Wax-up= 5 days

Preparation Requirements
PFM- The ideal margin for PFM’s is a chamfer. If a porcelain butt margin is prescribed then a shoulder is required. Feather edge is contraindicated and is only for full cast restorations.
Full Cast-Feather edge margins.

Resin reinforced glass ionomer cement (RelyX Luting Cement, 3M ESPE; GC Fuji Plus, GC America)
Glass ionomer (Fuji, GC America)
Resin cements for poor retention cases (RelyX Unicem, 3M ESPE; Panavia F2.0, Kuraray)
Zinc Phosphate
Zinc Carboxylate

ADA Codes

D2750 Crown- Porcelain Fused to High Noble
D2751 Crown- Porcelain Fused to Non Precious
D2752 Crown- Porcelain Fused to Semi Precious
D6750 Crown- Porcelain Fused to High Noble (bridge units)
D6752 Crown- Porcelain Fused to Semi Precious (bridge units)

D2750 Single Crown PFG
D6999 Captek Inlays

Full Cast
D2790 Crown Full Cast High Noble
D6602 Inlay Cast High Noble 2 surfaces
D6603 Inlay Cast High Noble 3 or more surfaces
D6610 Onlay Cast High Noble 2 surfaces
D6611 Onlay Cast High Noble 3 or more surfaces

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